n. Jewish prayer shawl that has fringe on each of the four corners and is worn during certain prayers

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • tallit — or tallith [tä lēt′, täl′is] n. 〚TalmudHeb talit, lit., cloak < ? root tll, to cover〛 Judaism the prayer shawl with fringes ( zizit) on each of its four corners, worn over the shoulders or head by men during morning prayer: cf. Deut. 22:12 * * * …   Universalium

  • tallith — Ashk. Heb., Eng. /tah lis/; Seph. Heb. /tah leet /, n., pl. tallithim, tallitim, tallisim Ashk. Heb., Eng. /tah lee sim, lay , tah leuh sim /; Seph. Heb. /tah lee teem /. Judaism. a shawllike garment of wool, silk, or the like, with fringes, or… …   Universalium

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